What To Expect

We take the time to understand the health concerns which are most important to you.

Step 1: History

  • A complete health history is taken during your first visit. This health history includes all of your major body systems, injuries or surgeries, traumatic events, major illnesses, or other significant events which may have impacted your health.
  • We will discuss and clarify your specific goals to ensure that your personal health and performance goals are fully understood. This helps us develop a treatment plan that works toward solving what is most important to you.

Step 2: Assessment

  • A detailed assessment of your overall movement ability and how it relates to your particular problems will be completed.
  • We will examine your body, find the source of your pain and determine the best approach for treatment using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics, Orthopedic Testing, and Neurokinetic Therapy.

Step 3: Treatment

  • Treatment may involve acupuncture, hands-on work, and/or corrective exercises.
  • Your treatment plan will be based on your specific health history, personal health and performance goals and, of course, the findings of your assessment.

First Appointment

Please allow 90 minutes for your first appointment. This one-on-one time allows us to properly assess and treat you after a detailed history is taken.


Follow Up Appointments

After your first appointment, future and follow-up appointments include an assessment and treatment which generally lasts between 45 mins and 1 hour.



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