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Titleist Performance Institute – The Body Swing Connection

TPI's Philosophy of the Swing

We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there is an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.

Dedicated to Improving the Golf Swing

The experts at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) have spent more than 18 years using more than 100,000 golfers to study one thing – the Body-Swing connection. Those years of study and the knowledge gained from the elite and amateur golfers alike have been concentrated into a highly specialized program which can improve the golf swing of any golfer.

TPI Movement Screens

Level 1

The TPI Level 1 Screen looks at the movements of an individual golfer’s body and how they might affect golf swing mechanics. It is designed to see if golfers have the range of motion needed for a good golf swing and how to apply that to how a golfer actually swings a club.

Level 2

The TPI Level 2 Screen is a more advanced movement screen which uses the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to find specific tissue areas or movement pattern problems that may be affecting a golf swing or causing pain and points in a direction to fix those dysfunctions.


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