What They’re Saying

“Jorga is a miracle worker! After a week of shooting pain up my arm, I finally shuffled into his Atwater Village office for some help. He took the time to listen to my description, checked around to see what triggered the pain and then gave me the magic hands.”

Michelle C.

“I can’t recommend Jorga highly enough. For a guy who doesn’t really believe in the mystical sort of vibe that a lot of acupuncturists seem to come with, I was always hesitant about it, but no such problems with Jorga. He can break down the science if what is going on in your central nervous system and whatnot, so unbeliever do not fear, trust science and trust Jorga!”

Robert S.

“Jorga is great! I learned when I broke my right collarbone that acupuncture is a vital part of pain management & recovery. So when I broke my left collarbone, 6 ribs & 3 fractures in my pelvis, I contacted the acupuncturist most likely to be familiar with broken babes, acupuncturist to the LA Derby Dolls. His treatments have helped me so much! I feel stronger than ever after each one.”

Susanna S.

“I had never tried acupuncture before and went to Jorga for a knee injury. I’ve since gone back for aches and pains and recently an ankle sprain. Every time I’ve healed faster than I would have if left on my own. Jorga really understands athletes and what they need to keep going.”

Jessica L.

“Jorga is a professional healer. he listens and will not only make you feel better but will give you advice on better living for your body type. He’s helped me with various stress related issues and I have felt immediate results leaving his office.”

Jenny M.

“Jorga uses multiple techniques to treat injuries. I came to him for a seized hip muscle and within a couple treatments there was a vast improvement in the healing process. He did traditional acupuncture, massage, topical herbs and taping. I have recommended him to others.”

Lavender C.