LA Marathon and Acupuncture

LA Marathon and Acupuncture

This Sunday is the 28th annual LA Marathon . In light of that, I would like to mention a couple of elite level runners who use acupuncture regularly as part of their training regime.

Marathon record holder Deena Kastor who won Bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics in Greece was featured recently in the LA Times,crediting acupuncture as the one thing that allowed her to overcome pain and return to her sport.

Paula Jane Radcliffe is a highly decorated elite marathon runner, having competed in several Olympic games and holding a number of world records, despite suffering from asthma. She has won marathons in London, New York, and Chicago. She has used acupuncture to help her recover from injuries and pain.

Dee Dee Trotter won the Bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics for the 400 meter and Gold medals for 400 meter relays in both the 2012 and 2004 Olympics. Ms. Trotter is a big advocate of acupuncture, and when she went to London for the Olympics, she even brought her personal acupuncturist with her, who treated her during her training at the games.

In addition to the LA Marathon, this weekend will also be the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race. This is an unsanctioned and unpermitted bicycle race which takes place along the LA Marathon route early in the pre-dawn hours before the marathon gets going.

I have personally successfully treated a number of runners and cyclists for the various aches and pains associated with the sports. Ankle, knee, and hip pain and injuries are common amongst both runners and cyclists, and acupuncture is a very effective tool to help address these common injuries as well as for preventing further injury.